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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm not one to be superstitious, but that's a little on the creepy side.

I don't really know where I'm at on much of anything these days. Work is good; it's a little like Chili's... I'm not making much money, but I have fun with the people there. Maybe you just can't have both. I'm scared to get drunk these days, because for some reason I've recently decided to start being a depressed drunk. I'll have a great time most of the night, but for some reason or another I'll always end up crying on someone's shoulder at the end of it. I don't know why. It's fairly embarrassing.

My class is almost over; we just have our final test tomorrow and that's it. I have really enjoyed it. I'm telling everyone I know here to take that class with that professor if they can. I'm also going to get an A, that will be a nice little boost for my GPA (it was looking a little sad after this past semester).

Courtney's back now, so we've resumed our trouble-causing routine, to the extent that I've been able to with my class and work to worry about. I've been going to work hungover (or still drunk in some cases) a lot. Good times. I'm afraid of what this summer is going to turn into when my class is over and I'm really free to do whatever. Fortunately there will still be Silver Wings events that we have to take care of. We have to do recruiting events with the guys, and they start eeeearly in the mornings, so that should cut down on the staying up all night some.

I just don't get myself these days. I'm in one of my little funks again. Thinking too much, and yada yada yada. Who knows.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


All this venting I need to do, and most of it I don't want to write down here, so what to do...

I know I haven't written in like a year. I quit my fancy restaurant job, the manager and I just could not seem to see eye to eye on, well, anything. Rather than end up saying something and getting myself fired, I figured I would just leave. There are always restaurants hiring servers; it's true, I found another job within a week. Thank goodness for the high turnover rate of servers haha. Hopefully this new place will be a place I can stay with till graduation. It's more along the lines of my old job, so I was comfortable there almost as soon as I started.

Finals went... well, okay. Everything turned out alright except for math. Stupid stupid math. My brain just does not work that way. So now I get to take precalculus again to get the grade I need to be able to move on to calculus, which I have to take. But I don't want to think about that anymore. I've had a week of my May class already now, and I love it. Since there are only 16 days of classes, there's obviously a lot of work involved, but the teacher is a hoot and the 3 hour daily class flies by. Only two more weeks, and I'll be free for the summer.

My C left me last week to go home for two weeks and have surgery. I miss her, lots. Once she gets back I'll probably end up pretty much moving into her apartment for the rest of the summer. Her roomie (her sister) is gone, and my roomie will be back for her summer classes shortly after C gets back. I feel horrible for saying it, but my roomie drives me insane. She doesn't do anything wrong, but we don't talk, ever, so I feel awkward in my own apartment while she's here. C's got an extra bedroom, so I'll just camp out there till we move to our apartment in August. Right now I'm loving having my own place, even if I'm the only person left in Athens right now to enjoy it. Geez, everyone is gone, and C left (she gets her own category haha), it's lonely here right now.

I went to a Braves game this past Monday, a friend of mine got tickets from her mom. The seats were AMAZING, I've been to a lot of games, but never had seats that good. I was kicking myself all night for deciding against bringing my camera. I could've gotten some really cool pictures from there. It was still a lot of fun though.

Anywho, that's it for now, that I'm going to talk about in here anyway... it's summer!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I should be...

but I'm not. I should be studying my butt off right now, because my two biggest finals are tomorrow. I can't concentrate for the life of me. I'm expecting a study buddy in about a half hour, so maybe that will get me back on track for the evening... hopefully. Until then I thought I'd waste a little time at least being semi-productive here.

I should have spent a little more time on that English paper. I got a B, and now will probably get a B in the class. Oh poo. That was supposed to be my A class this semester. I also failed my math final, literally and very badly. I'm praying my teacher is kind and takes my borderline C/D grade and lets it be a C. A lot is resting on these two finals tomorrow, and I still can't focus.

I like the word poo a lot these days. I don't know why. Poo on finals, for sure. I'm on a big hot tea kick; it's the only caffeinated drink I can make easily (having no sort of coffee making machine). And it tastes good too, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy... maybe not so helpful to studying. Oh well. I've decided that green tea tastes like mashed up peas for babies. Well, I guess not that I know what they really taste like, but that's how they smell. I still kind of like it though. I guess I like mashed up baby peas. Ick. I'm limited to the kinds of teabags that I can "borrow" from the stash at the dining hall. I'm going to have to go buy my own after tomorrow, no more meal plan!

A lot of people are finished with finals and moving out. I'm jealous, but this also means my neighbors have been very loud. Also not helpful to studying. I'm one of those weirdos that has to have near complete silence to be able to focus on anything. I really haven't studied very much. I think tomorrow I'm going to be sorry.

I really have nothing of great importance to say. After finals are over tomorrow, I'll be much more cheerful, and will report on all the amazing times I've had in the past couple weeks. It's been fun for sure! Right now all I can think about is the amazing magnitude of information I'm supposed to absorb before tomorrow. Ooph.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh goodness...

I've gone and forgotten about blogger again. Full post and report as soon as I get through finals.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Don't you love it when they do that?

I stay up all night writing that stupid paper (well okay, not all night, but until 1:30), and get to class today to find out the due date was changed to Friday. Oh well, at least it's done. I hope it's good. I hate waiting for things to be graded, it's too suspenseful.

The AC in our room hasn't been working for almost two weeks now. I've called the maintenance people twice now to try and get it fixed and no one showed up until today, thank GOODNESS!! They actually had nothing to do with the people I called, this was just a routine check they were doing in the building, but they fixed it anyway. The funny part is, one of the guys (a student who was just helping out the AC guy I think) couldn't figure out how to get his hair in a ponytail. It was hot in here and he kept trying and couldn't get it so I offered to help. Haha, I ended up putting his hair in a ponytail for him and showing him how to do it. It was quite amusing. I wanted to ask my roomie to take a picture but I didn't want to embarrass him. How random... showing the AC guy how to put hair in a ponytail. That made my day.

I'm very thankful for my weekend right about now. Today is the calm before the storm that is this week. It's gonna be a crazy one. With this new job I'm having to work weeknights too, and during this last week of school that's not really very helpful. I'm going a little nuts trying to figure out how to get everything done. Back to the one day at a time mode of operation. Just one more week! Very exciting.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have a 5 page paper due in the morning, and no idea where to start on it. So maybe I should have started earlier, but what fun would that be? I'd rather stress about it now.

This was an amazing weekend! Exactly the kind I needed. Thursday night after work C and I were supposed to go out and start the weekend a little early. It was raining and nasty so we both wimped out, and ended up sitting at her house drinking a little and talking until 5 in the morning. We both learned a lot about each other, haha, and found out that we're even moreso the same person than we thought. It's craziness how well we get along. Most people annoy the stink out of me after spending too much time with them, but I've been with her for practically the past 3 days straight with no problems. I guess it helps that for the most part we generally are thinking the same thing.

Friday was Six Flags. I went to Chili's with A to eat before we went, since it's just down the road from there. I never realized how close Six Flags was to my house before. The forecast said rain all night, but it didn't even threaten until 11:30. It was perfect! It was a blast hanging out with everyone, and we took tons of pictures! C stayed at my house after Six Flags so she didn't have to drive all the way back to school. We had a few drinks, and talked till 5 in the morning, again.

Yesterday we got our pictures developed, which turned out absolutely great! I was afraid that all our random pictures on disposable cameras wouldn't be so great, but they are too cute. We were supposed to go to the birthday party for another one of the girls we're living with next year, but we were so tired and not feeling very social. We ended up going and staying for about five minutes. We came back to my apartment and ordered a pizza and watched movies. I actually got some sleep last night, which was nice.

Goodness, what a weekend. It's been a good one. And WOW, this week is the last full week of school!! That's so hard to believe! But I guess right now I need to figure out what to write and get this paper written. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, forgot the big news! I'm officially inducted as member and as VP of Silver Wings! C is President! Yup, the group is in trouble now, haha.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


so it's not all bad. That was a rough week, but it's over now. It's a new week, and this one is looking mucho better. Busy, but much, much better. I was starting to worry I was never going to shake that nasty mood off my tail.

I got a new job, did I mention that in any of my last posts? No more Chili's for moi. I'm actually really going to miss it there, the more I think about it. Most especially Sergio, one of the cooks. He absolutely makes my nights there. But, I think I'm going to love this new job a LOT. It's a little local restaurant near school, kind of fancy. I get to wear the white shirt and tie deal; learning how to tie a tie this weekend was very interesting (I think I've almost got the hang of it). I started Friday night as a hostess to get the feel of things, before going home to work my last weekend there. It was great, everyone was very nice. At the end of the night the cooks made everyone dinner, and the owners gave everyone a glass of wine too. I was very surprised, it was like a big family dinner.

Danny... I dunno. I've talked to him all of twice since last Saturday for about five minutes each time. Whatever.

This Friday is UGA night at Six Flags; students, alumni, and family/friends only. I can't wait, I'm going with a couple friends. It will also be my first, and much needed, weekend off in three weeks. Lots and lots of blowing off steam is in the plans as well (as much as I can reasonably fit into two nights off).

As of Tuesday I'll be officially inducted into Silver Wings, and also probably Vice President of the same, since we're holding elections the same night. C and I decided to run for Prez and VP; we're losing a lot of upper level members, and no one else is likely to want the responsibility. We're pretty much guaranteed the positions. She's getting to be a really good friend. We have sooo much in common it's ridiculous... I'll say and she says it all the time, we're like the same person, haha. We should be good roomies next year, since the majority of the time we're thinking and want to do the same things anyway.

That's it for today, more when I have time this week. Oh, and Happy Easter!