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Sunday, April 16, 2006


so it's not all bad. That was a rough week, but it's over now. It's a new week, and this one is looking mucho better. Busy, but much, much better. I was starting to worry I was never going to shake that nasty mood off my tail.

I got a new job, did I mention that in any of my last posts? No more Chili's for moi. I'm actually really going to miss it there, the more I think about it. Most especially Sergio, one of the cooks. He absolutely makes my nights there. But, I think I'm going to love this new job a LOT. It's a little local restaurant near school, kind of fancy. I get to wear the white shirt and tie deal; learning how to tie a tie this weekend was very interesting (I think I've almost got the hang of it). I started Friday night as a hostess to get the feel of things, before going home to work my last weekend there. It was great, everyone was very nice. At the end of the night the cooks made everyone dinner, and the owners gave everyone a glass of wine too. I was very surprised, it was like a big family dinner.

Danny... I dunno. I've talked to him all of twice since last Saturday for about five minutes each time. Whatever.

This Friday is UGA night at Six Flags; students, alumni, and family/friends only. I can't wait, I'm going with a couple friends. It will also be my first, and much needed, weekend off in three weeks. Lots and lots of blowing off steam is in the plans as well (as much as I can reasonably fit into two nights off).

As of Tuesday I'll be officially inducted into Silver Wings, and also probably Vice President of the same, since we're holding elections the same night. C and I decided to run for Prez and VP; we're losing a lot of upper level members, and no one else is likely to want the responsibility. We're pretty much guaranteed the positions. She's getting to be a really good friend. We have sooo much in common it's ridiculous... I'll say and she says it all the time, we're like the same person, haha. We should be good roomies next year, since the majority of the time we're thinking and want to do the same things anyway.

That's it for today, more when I have time this week. Oh, and Happy Easter!


  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger J. Star said…

    I hope the blowing off of steam and the induction went well :) COngrats on the new job--sounds like it will be a little easier on you.

    Bummer about Danny.

    Guess that's what college is for though.

    Will you get to do any riding this summer?


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